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Bluster the Benevolent is a song sung by Bluster Kong during the episode "From Zero to Hero", from the Donkey Kong Country animated series, when he laments over his "terminal illness" and decides to improve his reputation within a week.


I will be remembered as a straight-up honest guy
Who will gladly give his life to save the average passerby
They'll erect a statue in honor of me
A monument to symbolize my bravery
Bluster the Benevolent, hailed as a king
Blessing one and all instead of cursing everything
I would hand out daisies and rescue kittens from a tree
And pick up all the litter that falls in front of me
Maybe they will name a city after me
With plaques on every building, signs of my nobility
Bluster the Benevolent, hailed as a god
Spreading joy and love instead of bumbling like a clod
Bluster the Benevolent wins the Nobel Prize
For bringing world peace about in the blink of an eye.