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Bluey the Walrus

Bluey's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing.

Residence(s) Snowflake Mountain
Species Walrus

Enemies Timber's Island (former)
Game(s) Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong Racing DS

Bluey the Walrus is a walrus and is a resident of Timber's Island.


Diddy Kong Racing/DS[]

In Diddy Kong Racing and its remake/sequel, Diddy Kong Racing DS, he is the boss and guardian of Snowflake Mountain and the second boss encountered in the game.

In the game, Bluey, along with Tricky, Bubbler and Smokey were brainwashed in the game by the evil Wizpig.

When challenged, the player rides on a hovercraft downhill on a mountain against Bluey. He is a quick racer in the game and his course features rolling snowballs that squish players if driven under and going through two icy tunnels. When defeated, he unlocks the silver coin challenges for the Snowflake Mountain tracks.

Next challenge, he is two times as quick as he was after doing all four Silver Coin races. When defeated again, he is fully freed from the brainwashing side effects and gives the player a piece of the Wizpig Amulet as thanks.

In the DS version, he is more challenging than in the original which is reversed with Bubbler as he is on an easier level.



  • Bluey, along with all the other characters from the game, appears in the celebration at the end of the game, except for Wizpig.
  • Out of the bosses in the game, Bluey is the only one that has no red in any part of its design.
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