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ExitIsNearSign Blowhole Bound ExitSign
Squidly and pals
World(s) Beach
Type Beach
Music Theme(s) Blowhole Bound, Aquatic Ambiance Returns (or Whale Waters)
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 5
Notable Feature(s) This level is a locked one. And most of the level is traversed by riding a giant whale and pounding on its blowhole to generate a water stream, and collect items and avoid enemies. This level is also the only one to feature Bowling Birds, harmless enemies.
Enemies Encountered Snaps, Pinchlies, Squidlies, Tiki Goons, Electrasquids, Jellybobs, Bowling Birds
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)

Blowhole Bound is the fourteenth level in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the sixth level in the Beach world of Donkey Kong Island. This level is unlocked by buying the Map Key from Cranky Kong's Shop in this world. It is preceded by Stormy Shore and followed by Tidal Terror.


This level features a large whale that you must ride in some sections to complete it. Good timing must used to pound on the whale's blowhole to create a water stream, and able to reach high items and avoid enemies. The level contains many Snaps, Electrasquids, and Squidlies.


Start by going right and onto the stone platform. Jump right onto the wooden platform to get the letter "K". Keep moving right hitting the wooden peg to reveal another further up. Use it to jump onto the ledge. Keep moving right until you finally reach a flat platform with a hole under it. Ground-pound it to fall into a barrel cannon and be shot into a Bonus Room. In the room, use the moving platforms to collect all eighty bananas and two Banana Coins within thirty seconds and get the first Puzzle Piece.

After the Bonus Room, move right jumping over the Squidly turret and down the hill. Go past the Tiki Goons and onto the large whale with the anchor in it. Pound the anchor to remove it and the whale will start to move. Keep jumping on the Squidlies and then jump over the Electrasquids, trying to avoid them. Two Squidlies will come from the back. Jump over them and then jump onto the wooden platforms to the right. Keep jumping across and then back onto the whale. Defeat or avoid the Snaps that jump on whale. Use the next set of wooden platforms to collect the letter "O". Defeat or avoid the next few Snaps that jump on the whale. Next jump over the Electrasquids. The whale will start to go underwater, so you must jump onto the floating wooden platforms at the end. Jump over some Jellybobs to reach a beach.

On earth, go past the Snaps and roll past the two complete sets of Bowling Birds for Banana Coins. Ground-pound close by the checkpoint and leaves will start to fall off the palm tree revealing the second Puzzle Piece. Keep moving right knocking over another set of Bowling Birds for a big banana bunch. Go past some Tiki Goons and stair-like platforms and jump back on the whale to start the second riding section. Avoid the Electrasquids while bouncing high on the Squidlies to collect the third Puzzle Piece in the air. Jump in the next two barrel cannons to be sent onto floating ship parts. Jump across the ship parts eventually landing back on the whale.

You will soon see an boat with three animals in it. That means the letter "N" will be over the whale very soon. Collect it by pounding the whale's blowhole at the right moment. And then jump in the barrel cannon to be send over more floating ship parts. Jump across and into the barrel cannons. Quickly jump across the ship parts collecting the fourth Puzzle Piece before the whale breaks more platforms. Soon after getting back on the whale, trails of bananas, Banana Coin and heart will become visible. Using good timing, pound the whale's blowhole to get a high enough jump onto the fifth and final Puzzle Piece. Soon after the letter "G" will become visible. Again, just use the whale's blowhole at the right moment to collect the letter. The whale will soon leap under a large wooden platform. Jump off to land on it and touch the Slot Machine Barrel to complete the level.



  • Hearts: 5
  • DK Barrels: 2
  • Banana Coins: 9 (counts 2 in the Bonus Room, does not count three or more consecutive jumps on enemies)
  • Extra Life Balloons: 2 (does not count eight or more consecutive jumps on enemies)

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: After the first DK Barrel, the letter "K" is above a wooden platform near the start of level.
  • O: During the first whale riding section, the creature will swim under wooden platforms. At the right side of the second set of platforms, the letter "O" is floating at the end of a banana trail. The Kongs just need jump from the platforms to reach the letter.
  • N: After the whale destroys a set of floating platforms, the letter "N" is floating above the creature. Pound the whale's blowhole when you pass under the letter and ride the water stream up to get it by using good timing.
  • G: After the fifth Puzzle Piece and an Extra Life Balloon, the whale will soon swim past the letter "G". Get the letter by pounding the whale's blowhole and riding the water stream at the right moment to reach it.

Puzzle Pieces[]

  • 1: After the letter "K", some Snaps and Pinchlies, ground-pound the flat platform (you will see a ship hull up on some rocks in the background) to drop into a barrel cannon that will send you into a Bonus Room. In the room, use the moving platforms to collect all eighty bananas and two Banana Coins within thirty seconds and make a Puzzle Piece appears.
  • 2: After the first whale riding section, ground-pound below of the palm tree close by the Tutorial Pig's checkpoint to knock the Puzzle Piece out of it.
  • 3: Just on beginning of the second whale riding section, while avoiding the Electrasquids, bounce high on the Squidlies to reach the Puzzle Piece in the air.
  • 4: After the letter "N", the Puzzle Piece is floating above the second set of the floating platforms the whale knocks over as it swims under them.
  • 5: After the letter "N" and returning to the whale, the Puzzle Piece is next to a set of floating bananas and Banana Coin the whale will pass underneath it. Pound its blowhole and ride the water stream up to Puzzle Piece at the right moment to collect it.


The puzzle of Blowhole Bound is of a strawberry against a light green background. When all of the pieces are found, the Squid Shot artwork will be added to the Critters 2 Gallery of the Image Gallery in the Extras menu.

Time Attack Medals[]

  • Shiny Gold: 02:07.00
  • Gold: 02:10.00 (02:12.00 in the Japanese version)
  • Silver: 02:17.00 (02:20.00 in the Japanese version)
  • Bronze: 02:30.00 (02:32.00 in the Japanese version)