Turret Tusk
Homeland Melon Kingdom
Origin of Species Hog

Enemies Donkey Kong
Games Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Bloat-Hog is the ruler of the Melon Kingdom and one of the four Hog bosses of the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, he is the third Hog boss and is overall the eleventh boss fight of the game.


Bloat-Hog is a boar-like beast that is mostly colored in red, he has black on his lower hooves (his foot), upper hooves (his hands), horns under his noes and head and Mohawk. he has black eyes with yellow eyelids.

Boss Battle

The boss battle takes place in a badge-like area with a waterfall in the background, Bloat-Hog fights in similar manner to the Previous two Hogs, he can throw electrified melons and/or spiky fruits at Donkey Kong, charge up his electrified melons and fire them at Donkey Kong at fast speeds and If too close, Bloat-Hog will do slash attacks or even an electrified dash and smack at Donkey Kong at point-blank range. After losing one-third of his health, Bloat-Hog will gain a new attack, being able to charge up five electric spheres to fire them towards Donkey Kong, but like wise, just reflect the melons back at Bloat-Hog to stun him and then do a punch out at him to do major damage.


  • Due to Bloat-Hog's overall appearance and color scheme, he bears a strong resemblance to Pumba, the cartoon character from the Disney animated movie, "The Lion King".
  • Because of the two platforms in the arena, it can be quite difficult to counter Bloat-Hog's melons back at him as the platforms will sometimes block the shots from both Donkey Kong and Bloat-Hog.