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Blizzard's artwork from the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! for SFC/SNES.

Residence(s) K3,
Blizzard's Basecamp
Family Brothers Bear
Species Bear
Sub-Species Polar Bear (SFC/SNES version)
Grizzly Bear (GBA version)
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Brothers Bear,
Kong Family,
Dixie Kong,
Kiddy Kong

Enemies Kremling Krew,
Baron K. Roolenstein
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (for SFC/SNES) (1996)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)
"Did he like my present? It took me ages to think of what to give to him."
Blizzard in the game Donkey Kong Country 3

Blizzard (ブリザード, Burizādo in Japan) is a mountain-climbing member of the Brothers Bear seen in the game Donkey Kong Country 3. He can be found in his Basecamp in the world K3 of the Northern Kremisphere.


Blizzard is found near the top of K3, as he is attempting to climb to the top of it during the events of Donkey Kong Country 3. By the time Dixie and Kiddy Kong reach him, he has established a basecamp on the world. When the Kongs enter, they will hear Blizzard regretting that he could not make it to Blue's birthday party because he is busy climbing the mountainside, though gives the Present to Dixie and Kiddy to deliver to him. He has no other major role.

In the Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Donkey Kong Country 3, Blizzard is the only polar bear in the Brothers Bear. However, in the Game Boy Advance version of the same game, Blizzard was oddly turned into a grizzly bear just like his brothers. His cabin also received an overhaul, complete with a fireplace and carpets, not to mention his own backpack of supplies.


First meeting[]

  • "My word! How on earth did you find me up here? Well, never mind about that. My name's Blizzard! I've been up here for weeks getting ready for my attempt to conquer K3."

Blue's birthday[]

  • "It looks like I'm going to miss my best friend Blue's Birthday.
    Say, could you do me a favor, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs?

"Snow problem!"[]

  • "That's great! Could you take him this present for me, please -- I'd be ever so grateful."

"Snow way!"[]

  • "No? Well thanks for nothing, Kongs! I hope you catch a cold out there!"

Present delivered to Blue[]

  • "How did you ever find me? My house was completely buried under the snow!"
  • "I'm amazed you found me, you know. I've been stuck up here since I broke my leg while sledding."
  • "Did he like my present? It took me ages to think of what to get him."
  • "Brrr - it's pretty chilly up here, don't you think? It could freeze the hind leg off your cousin Donkey!"