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Big Sphen as a figurine.

Big Sphen is the largest type of Tuck and is a member of the Snowmads in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are a rare enemy in the game as they only appear in the 6th world.


Big Sphen is a large penguin coloured in indigo and has a blonde mohawk. Big Sphen wears wristbands on his flippers and a belt with a Snowmad Insignia. It also carries a wooden horn as its instrument.

Game Appearance and Strategy

Big Sphens attack by playing their horns. Everytime they play their horns, they blow out small icy Finleys, and can even hit the Kongs with their horns when touching them. Defeating a Big Sphen will take 3 hits when attacking with jumps or rolling. They can easily be defeated like other enemies when a Kong throws a barrel or an enemy such as a Tuff Tuck or a Tuff Fluff