Map Big Ape City Map
Boss(es) King K. Rool
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land
First Appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)
Big Ape City (Big-City in Donkey Kong '94 for the Game Boy) is the name of the final area ventured through in Donkey Kong Land. Unlike the many uncivilized and rural places on Donkey Kong Island, Big Ape City is a large urban area. In fact, the only real other area with real "business" areas is Kremkroc Industries, Inc.. Big Ape City has several apartment complexes and office buildings. Big Ape City also has a large blimp with Donkey Kong's logo, and it is where King K. Rool is fought.

There is also a large construction site in the city, hinted to be where Cranky Kong kidnapped Pauline in the original Donkey Kong. The instruction manual for the game itself claims that the area "brings back fond memories". Nintendo Power further pushed this fact with a statement in a caption in a screenshot of the area, "Cranky used to roll barrels at a plumber in the construction site here." It may have been renamed as New Donk City by the the time of Super Mario Odyssey in the Metro Kingdom. Speculation says that Fedora Kong would have appeared here if he wasn't cut.

The name "New Donk City" is a play on of New York City while "Big Ape City" and "The Big Banana" are puns of "The Big Apple", a nickname for New York City.