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ExitIsNearSign.png Barrel Cannon Canyon ExitSign.png
Donkey and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the stage, as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country for SNES.
World(s) Kongo Jungle
Type Jungle
Music Theme(s) DK Island Swing
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 2

Enemies Encountered Kritters, Zingers
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for SNES) (1994)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for GBA) (2003)

Barrel Cannon Canyon is the fifth stage of the world Kongo Jungle of the Donkey Kong Island, as well as the fifth stage overall in the game Donkey Kong Country. It is preceded by Coral Capers and followed by Very Gnawty's Lair.


As Barrel Cannon Canyon is the final stage in Kongo Jungle, it can be considered the hardest in the area. The stage is quite long, and as the name suggests, there are several Barrel Cannons located throughout the stage.

If the Kongs jump up on the entrance cave for the stage and walk to the top, they can find a secret Auto-Fire Barrel, skipping a large portion of the stage. There are several other hidden Auto-Fire Barrels later in the stage which will skip other parts of the stage.

In this stage, there are twenty eight Kritters and seven Zingers. This stage introduces a third type of Kritter that stays in one place, hops twice, then jumps, and repeats.


Bonus Stages

Entrance Description Interior
1-5(Bonus1Ext).png The first Bonus Stage can be found after claiming the Letter "O," and a little before the Star Barrel. After the Letter "O," instead of shooting to the right into another autofire barrel cannon, shoot into the wall to bust through and access the Bonus Stage. Here, the monkeys blast through barrel cannons that fire to the right while collecting an Extra Life Balloon, bananas and an Expresso token, until reaching the end. 1-5(Bonus1Int).png
1-5(Bonus2Ext).png The second Bonus Stage is right after the Star Barrel. It is advised to first defeat all of the jumping brown Kritters before accessing this Bonus Stage to avoid breaking the TNT Barrel by defeating a Kritter. Once they are defeated, pick up the TNT Barrel and jump to the left to reach the taller ledge. The Bonus Stage is below this ledge; use the TNT Barrel to break the wall to access it. Here, the monkeys are in a moving barrel moving left and right. The monkeys can find bananas, an Extra Life Balloon and an Animal token of Enguarde. Once done collecting, the two can exit the area by missing the barrel cannon and falling down a bottomless pit. 1-5(Bonus2Int).png

Items and Collectables

K-O-N-G Letters

Visual Description
1-5(K).png The Letter "K" is high up in the air above the first barrel cannon. Fire upwards to collect it.

There are two Letter "O"s in the stage. The first one can be found in the path of the autofire barrel cannons forming a shortcut after the Rambi token.

The second one is in the non-shortcut path of the stage, shortly before the Star Barrel, in plain sight.

There are also two Letter "N"s in this stage. The first one is in an item cache, following the two jumping brown Kritters around a single barrel cannon. Jump into the barrel cannon, and fire up to the autofire barrel cannon. It will shoot the Kongs right on top of the item cache, releasing the "N."

The second one is in the shortcut part of the stage. Instead of firing up to the autofire barrel cannon from the barrel cannon surrounded by jumping Kritters, fire up into the air, then jump on the Kritter to the left to reach the treetops. Then, jump up to reach another autofire barrel cannon, which will fire the Kongs right into the second "N."
1-5(G).png The Letter "G can be found on the two treetops located next to the exit.

Extra Life Balloons

Color Visual Description
Red 1-5(Bonus1RedBalloon).png A red Extra Life Balloon is at the very end of the first Bonus Stage.

Animal Tokens

Animal Buddy Visual Description
Rambi 1-5(RambiToken).png A Rambi token is on a treetop above a set of three jumping brown Kritters.
Enguarde 1-5(Bonus2Int).png An Enguarde token can be found in the second Bonus Stage, at the top of the column of bananas on the left.
Winky 1-5(WinkyToken).png A Winky token is underneath some elevated ground. To reach it, instead of jumping up after the first DK Barrel, go to the right and roll or cartwheel and jump to reach the platform with the token.


Special Barrels

Type Visual Description
Star Barrel 1-5(StarBarrel).png The Star Barrel is immediately after the sequence of barrel cannons and the Letter "O."
Warp Barrel BarrelCannonCanyonAdvanceWarp.png
This Warp Barrel is GBA-exclusive.
To reach this stage's Warp Barrel, go to the area containing the Winky token. The monkeys must jump on the right of the autofire barrel shooting up to the token to find the Warp Barrel that leads to the exit sign.

DK Barrels

Visual Description
1-5(DKBarrel1).png The first DK Barrel is right at the beginning of the stage, near the Letter "K," hidden in an item cache.
1-5(DKBarrel2).png The second DK Barrel is on the treetop closest to the Rambi token.
1-5(DKBarrel3).png The third DK Barrel is in the first Bonus Stage.
1-5(DKBarrel4).png The fourth DK Barrel is near the Star Barrel, next to the first brown jumping Kritter.
The fifth DK Barrel is found before the Letter "N."

Item Count

Item Count
Banana Single Banana.gif BananaCount
Banana Bunch Banana Bunch.gif BananaBunchCount
Tire (half-buried) Tire(half-buried).png Tire(Half-Buried)Count
Tire (pushable) Tire(pushable).png Tire(Pushable)Count

Barrel Count

Type Count
TNT Barrel TNTBarrel.png TNTBarrelCount
Barrel Cannon BarrelCannon.png BarrelCannonCount
Barrel Cannon (autofire) Blast Barrel - DKC.png BarrelCannon(Autofire)Count