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Barrel-Blastapalooza was a Flash game available on the official Nintendo website meant to promote[1] the GBA remake of the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. The game has since been taken down from Nintendo's official website.


Barrel-Blastapalooza is a short puzzle game where the objective is to lead Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong through an underground wooden labyrinth, which is about to explode because of a nearby TNT Barrel with a lit fuse. Dixie and Kiddy start in a Barrel Cannon on the left side of the labyrinth, and must be blasted through the labyrinth to collect several DK Coins and escape the small labyrinth.

To do so, the player must drag Barrel Cannons into the right spots, so that the Kongs are blasted through the maze. The Barrels can be rotated by clicking on the small wooden circle next to a placed Barrel and moving it, and the Barrel can be placed by being dragged with the cursor. The player can place a maximum of 10 Barrel Cannons. When the player is ready to fire the Kongs, they can press the red "Fire" button, which will automatically blast the Kongs from Barrel to Barrel, similar to how Auto-Fire Barrel Cannons fire the Kongs automatically. If the Kongs manage to reach the exit before the TNT Barrel explodes, they win.



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