Residence Barnacle's Island,
Lake Orangatanga
Family Brothers Bear
Species Bear
Gender Male

Games Donkey Kong Country 3
Donkey Konga

Barnacle is one of the bears in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. He lives on an island in the middle of Lake Orangatanga. He is the second of the Brothers Bears that can be reached in the game. However, in the Game Boy Advance version his cabin was replaced with Bachelor's and Barnacle's is now in Pacifica.


Barnacle mentions that he is a former scuba diver, but just wants to take it easy at home. He is very proud of his shell collection, which is visible in his cabin. He has a Banana Bird, which he keeps in a cage in is cabin. He explains that "He just flew in once, so I decided to keep him".

The player must purchase a rare shell from Bazaar, and give it to Barnacle in exchange for the banana bird. Prior to the exchange, Barnacle occasionally says "You know, I don't think there's anything which would persuade me to get rid of this bird". After the exchange, he continues to talk about missing the banana bird, and how his shell collection cheers him up.


Despite Nintendo company's no smoking policy, Barnacle Bear can be seen smoking his tobacco pipe inside his cabin. It is unknown how the tobacco pipe got past the Nintendo censorship.


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