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Banana Spaceship's artwork from DK: Jungle Climber.

The Banana Spaceship is the first boss in the game DK: Jungle Climber. It is a banana-shaped spaceship used by Xananab in the game.


Believing it to be a giant banana, the Kongs go through Sun Sun Island after the spaceship, where when they get there, they witness King K. Rool and some Kremlings going through a mysterious portal. They are then attacked by the ship, and when it is destroyed, the Kongs meet Xananab who mistook them for Kremlings and attacks them. After they destroy the spaceship, Xananab comes out its debris, remorseful for its mistake and reveals that the Kremlings stolen its Crystal Bananas. But now it cannot pursue the villains without a spaceship. The Kongs offer help to track K. Rool and the Crystal Bananas after destroying the spaceship.


  • In the end of the game and after defeating King K. Rool in the Planet Plantaen, Xananab takes Donkey, Diddy and Cranky Kong back to their homeworld using another Banana Spaceship, while towing a tied K. Rool across the space.