A banana medal is a special collectible item in Donkey Kong 64

Banana Medals are special collectible items in Donkey Kong 64. They are collected by getting 75 bananas of one color. There are a total of 40 in the game, 8 for each of the five Kongs.

Medail banane

An animation of a banana medal.

If the player collects 15 Banana Medals and visits Cranky's Lab, Cranky Kong will allow the player to play JetpacRareware's first game, on his computer. Within the game is the Rareware Coin, which is needed to open the final door in Hideout Helm.

Bonus Coin Static Coins Bear Coin Static
Coins Banana CoinBear CoinDK CoinKremkoinBonus CoinRareware CoinNintendo CoinKong Token
Others CogBanana MedalCrest
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