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The Banana Kingdom is the first kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is located in a vast green jungle. The Banana Kingdom can be accessed by completing the Opening Ceremony. The Banana Kingdom is the domain of Dread Kong, the first boss in the game.

Map Banana Kingdom Map
BK Dawn Savana
Boss(es) Dread Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat


Dawn Savanna[]

Dawn Savanna is the first stage of the Banana Kingdom. The stage is takes place on a grassland with many hills. Donkey Kong is aided by Helper Monkeys in this stage. Donkey Kong also used his vine swinging and climbing abilities to reach inaccessible areas. On this stage, many new gameplay features are introduced to the player. As soon as Donkey Kong reaches the end of the stage and is finished eating the giant banana there, the stage will end.

Deep Jungle[]

Jungle Deeps is the second stage of the Banana Kingdom. The stage takes place in a large jungle. Donkey Kong used flowers to fling himself to high areas. He also harnessed the power of the mushrooms by clapping, making them have a trampoline effect. Donkey Kong's first Animal Buddy, Flurl the Squirrel, was introduced in this stage. With the help of Flurl the Squirrel, Donkey Kong glided his way to the exit.


Donkey Kong faces Dread Kong high in trees with many Helper Monkeys gathered around. They square off in duel of hand-to-hand combat. Dread Kong is easily defeated, his attacks easily telegraphed, and the Banana Kingdom is saved.