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Banana Fairy Queen

The Banana Fairy Queen.

Full Name Banana Fairy Queen
Alias(es) Mrs. Fairy
Banana Fairy Princess
Fairy Queen

Residence(s) Banana Fairy Island
Species Banana Fairy
Gender Female
Affiliation(s) Good

Enemies Kremling Krew
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64

The Banana Fairy Queen, also known as "Mrs. Fairy", is the queen of the Banana Fairies. She lives on Banana Fairy Island. She is larger than the other fairies.

The Queen's Request

When King K. Rool's mechanical island arrived at DK Isles, it crashed into a boulder due to poor steering. The tremor caused by this reached the Banana Fairy Island and frightened away the 20 Banana Fairies that dwelled there, leaving the queen alone. When Tiny Kong enters in, she finds the Queen weeping as she mourns their flight and promises to reward whoever can bring them back home to her. Tiny promises to do so, and the Queen informs her that the only way to capture Banana Fairies is by catching them in banana skin photographs. She gives Tiny her magical camera, which holds enough film to take 10 pictures, and as thanks for her promise, also grants the Kongs a powerful shockwave attack. By holding down B, the Kongs charge up energy that can be used to take out any ground-bound enemy in one shot. As well, the shockwave can also unearth special Banana Coins hidden beneath patches of earth imbued with the DK symbol, each one granting 5 coins to each Kong.

Each time a Banana Fairy is captured, the Queen will shower gratitude upon the Kongs by adding 1 to their carrying capacity for film and Crystal Coconuts, as well as maxing out their film, Crystal Coconuts, ammo, and Orange Grenades.

The Banana Fairies' Secret

Once the Kongs capture all 20 Banana Fairies, the Queen will invite Tiny back to the island. Upon arrival, the Queen will open a door in the island that reveals the 201st Golden Banana, one imbued with the Rare, Ltd. symbol, which will enable the player to reach 101% completion.


  • Tiny Kong refers to her as "Mrs. Fairy".