Banana Fairy Island is an island in Donkey Kong 64 that is home to
Banana Fairy's Island

Banana Fairy Island

the Banana Fairy Queen and the Banana Fairies. The island is the shape of the Banana Fairy Queen's head and both of her wings. The mouth acts as the entrance inside the head, though it is too small for any of the Kongs to enter normally.


Near the mouth is a Mini Monkey barrel for Tiny Kong, making her the only one who can enter the interior. Eight Crystal Coconuts line the ground around the island, and the fifth Bananaporter is on the east side of the head. On the back of the head, a cage contains a Golden Banana for Tiny, and it requires the Feather Bow to open.


On the inside of Banana Fairy Island, the Banana Fairy Queen is straight ahead of Tiny on top of an altar, along with her golden banana peel throne. In the four corners of the room, fountains contain four Crystal Coconuts each. Several lily pads and two never-ending waterfalls also decorate the interior. The most notable part of the island is a giant pair of doors that only open if the player captures all 20 Banana Fairies, beyond which is the secret 201st Golden Banana.

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