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Banana Fairy
Banana Fairy Picture
A Kong attempting to take a picture of a Banana Fairy.
Homeland Banana Fairy Island
Origin of Species Fairy

Leader(s) Banana Fairy Queen
Affiliations Kong Family
Enemies Kremling Krew
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64,
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
First Game Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Latest Game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (2007-2008)

Banana Fairies are small fairies used as items in the games Donkey Kong 64 and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.


Donkey Kong 64[]

In the game Donkey Kong 64, Banana Fairies are small fairies dressed in yellow who live on Banana Fairy Island and are ruled by the Banana Fairy Queen.

The fairies were scared by the Kremlings and ran away. Once Tiny Kong meets their queen, the Kongs receive a special camera that allows them to take pictures of the fairies and let them go back home. When the primates catch a fairy, their inventory for certain items such as Crystal Coconuts, increase. When all of them are collected, the player will receive a special Golden Banana with a Rareware symbol on it. It is required to watch a special ending cutscene after completing the game.


When certain number of Banana Fairies is collected in the game, the player will unlock features in the Mystery menu.

  • Two Banana Fairies: unlock the DK Theatre, where the player can watch all game cutscenes, except for the special ending.
  • Six Banana Fairies: unlock DK Bonus, score minigames with Rambi the Rhinoceros and Enguarde the Swordfish, and the games Donkey Kong for Arcade and Jetpac.
  • Ten Banana Fairies: unlock Bosses, where the player can replay battles with main bosses.
  • Fifteen Banana Fairies: unlock Battle, where the player can make Krusha playable in the multiplayer mode.
  • Twenty Banana Fairies: unlock Cheats, where the player can activate infinite Banana Coins, infinite ammo for weapons, infinite Orange Grenades, infinite film for the camera, infinite Crystal Coconuts, infinite use of instruments or all cheats at the same time.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast[]

In the racing game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Banana Fairies are items randomly found inside red "?" balloons during races. When they are used by the player, these fairies will temporarily pull in all bananas on the tracks nearby the playable racer. If the playable character is a Kong, the effect of the Banana Fairy will last longer.


Bonus Coin Static Items (excluding mostly Barrels) Bear Coin Static
General Animal TokenBananaBanana FairyBanana MedalBoss KeyCogCrestCrystal CoconutCrystal StarExtra Life BalloonGiant BananaGolden BalloonGolden BananaGolden FeatherHeadphonesK-O-N-G LettersPuzzle PieceRare OrbSupply CrateWatermelon
Coins Banana CoinBear CoinBonus CoinDK CoinKong TokenKremkoinNintendo CoinRareware CoinSilver Coin
Vehicles GyrocopterHot Air BalloonHover CraftMine CartMotor BoatRocket BarrelSkull CartTobogganTurbo Ski
Coconut ShooterCrateFeather BowGrape ShooterKannonballOrange GrenadePeanut PopgunPineapple LauncherTreasure ChestWatermelon Bomb
Shop Banana JuiceDK Barrel (DD, DX, CK & FK Barrels) • Heart BoostMap KeyRed BalloonSquawks the Parrot
Others Animal CrateEnd of Stage TargetHookKannonMelon CrateNo Animal SignRopeStage FlagTire
Miscellaneous Brothers Bear Items (Bowling BallMirror)