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The first page of the comic.

Banana Day 24 is a 6-page comic starring the Kong Family, released on June of 1996.


The Kongs are sleeping in the palm trees, when Squawks wakes all of them up. He announces that it is 7:00 AM, and the sun is rising. He order the Kongs to get off the palm trees and get to work. As Squawks starts to make a joke about a doctor, Diddy complains about the parrot starting the morning the same, and always making the same joke, just once wanting to sleep in peace. He slides down the tree and asks Dixie and DK what day it is. They reply today is a day like any other: The sun is shining, the parrots are chattering from the trees, Kiddy's diaper needed changing, and there is nothing new on the news. Cranky calls them snitches, but agrees with Diddy that today is a special day. He knows because he invented the 100-year old calendar, back when he was a young and wild chimp.

Today happens to be December 24, which means it is Christmas Eve. Diddy quickly asks where his presents are. Dixie is very excited that the holiday is coming, and suggests that they should throw a Christmas Party! Howver, Dixie feels so cold today that she doesn't have any bananas for breakfast, as well as never feeling this cold in her life. Kiddy doesn't care and he just wants to celebrate Christmas, wanting to start by decorating the palm trees.

Cranky tells the group to take it easy, and feels strange this happening. and sees white things falling from the sky, which feel cold. In his age, he has experienced many strange stories. Soon, it starts to snow all over the jungle, which makes the horrified Kongs run to the television. The news reporter says that the snow is falling all over the world, dramatically decreasing the temperature. Scientists are also unsure of the cause of this climate change. The U.S president has also called for a crisis summit to find a solution.

DK is freezing terribly in the cold snow, but he gets an idea: He and the other Kongs travel to the USA. They all head out and rush there by riding on different Animal Buddies; DK riding on Rambi, Diddy and Dixie riding on Expresso, and Kiddy and Cranky riding on Winky, to the closest airport. The flight they take in the Funky Barrel isn't very comforting for the Kongs, but they eventually reach their destination. They know why Funky himself stays home most of the time.

At the White House, it is also being covered in snow, as the temperature continues to drop. In the room with the fireplace, two men move closer to the fire to keep warm. The Chancellor explains he doesn't want to get in trouble with his wife, Hannelore, who booked a Caribbean vacation and she doesn't want to wear ski clothes. The President knows that if they try to tell the truth behind the cold weather, people will think they're crazy. Suddenly, the Kongs enter the room. DK tries to angrily tell the two men about the weather problem. They try to make up an excuse, but they now know to tell the truth by just looking into DK's eyes. They try to offer him tea and pasties, and even a banana shake, but their offers are denied. All they want is to know what's going on. So, the men have no choice but to tell the Kongs the very long story.

A spaceship has taken Earth and has been pulling it further and further away from the sun, which is why it's getting colder and colder on the planet. Even worse, there's nothing they can do about it. Donkey Kong finds this news difficult to believe, but knows that everyone will freeze to death, and no bananas will ripen anymore. This predicament leaves him speechless. Luckily, Cranky has an idea: All they have to do if negociate with some aliens, which will cause the sun to shine again and all the snow to melt. He asks the gentlemen if they can borrow a spaceship, which they allow since they have a space shuttle in Cape Canaveral that isn't being delivered. Cranky then suggests they should get going and not waste any time, as the cold weather isn't get for him. Plus, he has always wanted to know what the Earth looks like from above. The gentleman decide this mission is worth a try.

The Kongs then take off in the spaceship, with Dixie wanting to go home, but it's too late for her, since the rocket is already in the deep depths of space. Will the Kongs be able to reach their destination, and will they get to make contact with aliens? So many questions... The president hopes the Kongs mission will be successful, otherwise there will be a new ice age on Earth, but the Chancellor says that cannot happen, since he's been paying the additional heating costs for the last month.

Meanwhile, in the ship Donkey Kong is hopeful that Cranky has them on the track to their destination, even though his eyes aren't very good. Diddy knows that while DK is relaxed, he would still be better off in the jungle. Dixie agrees, as she is also homesick, wile Funky is having a peaceful day in the jungle while they are stuck in the space shuttle mission. DK is happy to have a big supply of bananas in the ship, even though, because of his helmet, he can't it eat.

Soon, Cranky notices an unknown spacecraft, and suggests they should take a closer look. This spaceship isn't just big, it's massive! He isn't wrong; compared to the big spaceship, the Kongs' spaceship looks like a small shell. Cranky is now finding this part to be really exciting. The aliens also have incredibly powerful energy resources and have attacked the Earth with a single energy beam.

Cranky beams DK, Diddy, and Dixie inside to the spaceship, while DK suggests the aliens should get to know them, but Dixie is against this, since these aliens are hateful creatures who want to destroy Earth. Kiddy, meanwhile, stays behind with Cranky. After they get to the big spaceship, DK is more than ever determined to complete his mission enough to start beating his chest, but even he doesn't know what will happen next. A strange encounter will soon happen. They encounter large green and blue aliens who look very similar to Donkey Kong and Candy Kong. The aliens greet the monkeys, who are very shocked by what they see. The aliens haven't had any visitors for a long time, but they quickly ask the Kongs what their problem is.

DK angrily tells the aliens that their Earth is freezing and covered in snow because of them pulling it further from the sun and Diddy adds they're doing it at Christmas time. Diddy further asks why the aliens want the Earth, should the Kongs become their slaves, and do they want to dominate the whole universe? The aliens explain that there's been a mix-up, they thought they had a giant coconut. These aliens really love coconuts, but they realize they were wrong in this example. The Kongs are shocked that these nice aliens would confuse the sun for a giant coconut.

They come up with an idea: The Kongs beam the aliens tons of bananas, which taste better than the coconuts. This kind act makes them the heroes of their planet. The aliens then agree to return Earth to its original place. The great taste of the bananas blows the female aliens socks off. They all beam the Kongs back to their own spaceship, very eager to show these new yellow fruits to their companions. They have already forgotten about their need for coconuts.

Back in their ship, and with their mission over, the Kongs all return back to Earth, which is free from the snow and cold weather. At the airport, DK tells the President and Chancellor he enjoyed doing the mission, and get in touch with them again if another problem happens. A woman kisses Diddy, which prompts jealousy in Dixie, while Cranky attempts to kiss a much younger woman, creeping her out. The politicians can't help but show gratitude for everything the Kongs did to save Earth.

At nighttime, Santa flies by the moon, which Diddy and Dixie are very glad to see, as it means Christmas is going to happen. Santa tells the monkeys he has something for them: He wishes Diddy a Merry Christmas, and says he's happy to be home, which is no longer cold. There are also stars that only shine for them. The rest of the Kongs also celebrate, with DK throwing Kiddy up in the air, while Candy watches, and Funky plays on his bongos, while in the background, Wrinkly angrily shakes Cranky for his previous actions.



  • The plot of the Kongs being in a cold front is reused in 2014's Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The main difference is that Kiddy is absent in that game.
  • This comic marks the first time Cranky rides an Animal Buddy, in this case, Winky the Frog (along with Kiddy).