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ExitIsNearSign Banana Bungalow ExitSign
[[File:Banana Bungalow Swinging|300px]]
Donkey swinging on the pegs.
World(s) Jungle World
Type Jungle
Music Theme(s)

Enemies Encountered Flitter
Game(s) DK: King of Swing

Banana Bungalow is the first stage in DK: King of Swing and the Jungle World. It has either Tropical Treetops or Contraption Cave come after it.


As this stage is the very first in the game, no major threats can be found in this area. There are only two portions of the stage and only one enemy, Flitter which is also the only one in the stage. No tough challenges can be found in this area and only simple peg climbing can be done to finish the stage. Unlike most stages, Banana Bungalow lacks a DK Medal.