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Diddy Kong collecting bugs while evading Klubba during the minigame Bag a Bug, as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country 2 for GBA.

Bag a Bug is an optional minigame introduced in the Game Boy Advance version of the game Donkey Kong Country 2. The minigame is run by Klubba in any of his Kiosks, located in most of the world maps of the game. After playing the minigame for free at the first time, the player must pick the option "Bag a Bug - 5 Banana Coins" and spend five Banana Coins to able play one round of the minigame again.


The minigame can be played as Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong. The main objective is to gather as many fireflies as possible in the area while avoiding Klubba's attacks, within the time limit of one minute. The arena of minigame is designed as a circular path around the Kiosk with four small safe areas in the corners, where Klubba cannot reach the Kongs. The timer countdown is at the top of the screen, and the jar counter at the lower right corner of the screen shows how many bugs the player has collected.

Only Klubba's club swings can harm and throw the heroes out of screen, making them to lose all bugs collected and reappear in one of the safe areas after some seconds. The minigame round does not end until the time limit has passed, but the player can give up and leave early at any moment by pausing the game and pressing the "Select" button. The bugs will fly around and land for a few instants on random locations of the arena, including unreachable places by the main characters, that being the only opportunity for the player to catch them. Klubba will usually walk around the arena at certain pace, getting even faster in the course of the time. When pursuing the Kongs, Klubba will also exhibith some busts of speed and quickly change directions.

After about twenty seconds have passed, a single Invincibility Barrel will appear someplace on the circular path. By reaching it, the barrel will make the primates immune to Klubba's attacks for a few seconds. When the time is up and accordingly to the number of bugs caught, the player can be rewarded with single bananas, banana bunches and single Extra Life Balloons of multiple colors. There are no important collectibles as prizes, such as DK Coins or Photographs. After finishing the minigame round and earning any rewards or not, the primates will always leave the Kiosk. If the player able to set a new record for the number of collected bugs, the game will also save automatically.

Bag a Bug can also be unlocked in the Bonus Games option at the main menu screen after it is played once in any game files of the main game. There, the minigame can played for free without rewards, and the player can set new personal records for the number of bugs caught, including the ones obtained by playing the minigame during the main game.