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Baby Kong Blues

"Baby Kong Blues" is the twenty-second episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series. It was the twentieth episode to air in North America.

General Klump and Krusha ride into King K. Rool's lair in a mine cart, while the king himself is on a lowering platform, reading a book when he notices that the pair have returned. As the cart pulls to a stop, Klump tells Krusha that he is going to do the talking, and when asked for the location of the Crystal Coconut, Klump panics and tells K. Rool that Krusha has something to say. Krusha then reports that they were not able to obtain the coconut. K. Rool asks Klump about what he is holding, and when Klump does not know anything about it, King K. Rool informs him that the book is an archive of his memoirs, so that they can be among "history's finest villains." K. Rool states that he is on chapter 399, and angrily states that the next chapter will be about his success in obtaining the Crystal Coconut, and that he cannot write it until it actually happens. Klump then nervously states that he is working on a back-up plan, but K. Rool tells him to be quiet and takes the platform back up before he can finish his statement.

Candy and Dixie are sitting outside of the former's house, watching Baby Kong. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong then arrive. Donkey Kong notices the baby, and begins making goofy faces, while Baby Kong continuously says DK's catchphrase. He then invites the girls to go fishing with them. Dixie explains that they can't because they are babysitting Baby Kong for the rest of the day, with Candy stating that they "don't have time for fun," though DK states that babysitting seems fun to him, with the girls laughing at him. They then explain that babysitting is hard work, though Donkey doesn't care. The girls then offer to go fishing if he and Diddy watch Baby Kong, and DK agrees. They then head off, leaving the guys to handle the baby. Diddy is upset that they cannot go fishing, though Donkey Kong believes that babysitting will be more fun.

At Donkey Kong's hut, Baby Kong is crying continuously while Donkey Kong is covering his ears vacuuming around his ruined house, with both him and Diddy trying to stop the baby's crying. Baby Kong takes the vacuum and tosses it away, while Diddy accidentally rams into the mirror trying to catch it. Desperate, Donkey Kong yells as loud as he can for the baby to be quiet, which works. However, while Donkey Kong is priding in his achievement, Baby Kong takes the elevator down to the ground and wanders off. The two Kongs are concerned, and yell for him to come back on the balcony of DK's hut.

Baby Kong is playing around on the bridge leading to Cranky's Cabin, with Donkey and Diddy chasing after him. He leaps off of the bridge, only to land on a tree branch and bounce back onto it. He does this again, only for the same thing to happen; however, he lands on one of the Trigger Barrels this time, activating one of the bridge's traps. During the song, he is seen on Funky's plane. The two chase after him, only for the baby to fall out of the plane and slide down the White Mountains. DK and Diddy crash, and when they notice Baby Kong they chase after him. However, it is not long after that the Kongs fall off a cliff, resulting in them sliding down and forming a snowball. They are catapulted off the mountain by a ledge. Baby Kong is then at Bluster Barrelworks, where several barrels are being sent down a conveyer belt and onto a rocket; Baby Kong is on the belt while this is occurring. The snowball with DK and Diddy then crashes into the factory, and they watch as the rocket takes off, with Baby Kong in it.

At K. Rool's lair, Klump and Krusha are arguing over who is going to tell their leader something when King K. Rool rides his platform down to where they are. He impatiently asks where the Crystal Coconut is, and Klump states that Krusha will tell him when Krusha reveals that he got them lost. K. Rool then proceeds to threaten them into finding the coconut when they hear laughter. They then notice the source of the noise: Baby Kong. K. Rool expresses his delight.

In the forest, Donkey Kong is sulking because he messed up. Diddy attempts to cheer him up by stating that they will get Baby Kong back, though it does not work. It is during this discussion that both Kongs find the barrel rocket crashed right in front of them. They then notice footprints leading away from the rocket, and deduce that they lead to King K. Rool's lair.

At the aforementioned lair, King K. Rool leads Baby Kong out of the vault, the latter now inside a baby carriage. Klump attempts to say something funny, but ends up getting bitten. K. Rool laughs at this, then notices Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have entered his lair. The former expresses his displeasure in K. Rool kidnapping a baby, though K. Rool explains that the infant wandered into the cavern; the Kongs do not care, and demand the baby be given back to them. K. Rool wishes to settle the situation through negotiation rather than violence, though Donkey Kong denies him this before Diddy gives him the definition of "negotiate." K. Rool offers to hand over the baby if he is given the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong refuses and attempts to retrieve Baby Kong, but is stopped when K. Rool summons several Kritters armed with Klap-Blasters. Donkey Kong then leaves to obtain the coconut.

Diddy Kong questions how Donkey Kong will accidentally steal the Crystal Coconut from Cranky when they arrive at his cabin. Donkey Kong explains that he is only going to borrow it until he can get Baby Kong back. He then knocks on the door, explaining to Diddy that he is going to distract Cranky while he is going to obtain the coconut. When Cranky opens the door, Diddy asks Cranky if he wants to learn a dance he invented. The old ape denies him, though Donkey Kong motions for him to move inside the cabin before he can close the door. Diddy attempts to show him anyway, while Donkey Kong sneaks in when Cranky is distracted. Before Cranky can turn around and notice Donkey Kong, however, Diddy comments that Cranky is "too old" to be dancing. Cranky attempts to disprove him by dancing, with his back turned to Donkey Kong, but before he can grab the coconut, Cranky's cane continuously smacking the ground opens and closes the case surrounding the coconut; Diddy remedies this by having Cranky throw his hands in the air. Donkey Kong is able to grab the coconut and sneak away, and Diddy is able to do the same by having Cranky spin around, resulting in him crashing.

Back at K. Rool's lair, K. Rool is laughing at all the chaos Baby Kong is causing, which has turned the lair into a mess. K. Rool then believes that what he needed all along was someone that he can pass his throne to, and when Donkey and Diddy Kong return with the Crystal Coconut, K. Rool announces that he now wants to raise Baby Kong as his own heir, renaming him to Prince Junior Croc.

At Candy's house, Diddy advises Donkey to admit what happened before the situation worsens itself. Candy agrees when she walks up, and Donkey Kong stutters when she notices the carriage. She believes Baby Kong to be sleeping, and tells Donkey Kong how proud she is of him for taking this responsibility. After she leaves, Donkey Kong states that they need to get the baby back. Diddy states that if they had another, they could switch them, and Donkey decides to go with this plan. Diddy asks him where they are going to get another baby, which turns out to be him dressed up as one. Diddy voices his displeasure, but he decides to live with it when Donkey tells him it is for Baby Kong, but states that he owes him.

Meanwhile, K. Rool is reading his memoirs to Baby Kong when he notices that the baby is tired. As Baby Kong is sleeping, K. Rool begins to sing, but while he is singing he notices that Klump and Krusha are also sleeping, and yells at them to wake up. This also results in the baby waking up and crying. K. Rool then decides to head to his library, and leaves it to Krusha and Klump to put the baby back to sleep before he returns. Klump attempts to do so by telling him about his campaign as a general, but he falls asleep while Krusha is walking around with the carriage. Nearby, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong have infiltrated the lair and are hiding behind a pile of crates. Diddy asks how they are going to make the switch, and Donkey simply shoves the stroller over to them. Diddy's stroller hits Baby Kong's and the two are swapped while Klump and Krusha have their backs turned. When they turn back around, they only notice that he isn't sleeping, and try to figure out what he is saying when Klump finally deduces that the "baby" pooped his diaper. Klump attempts to change the diaper, but the entire plan fails when Diddy bites Klump. He cries out, which results in the real Baby Kong awakening and proceeding to cry, King K. Rool descending from his library, and several Kritters appearing. Diddy also leaps out of the carriage and flees.

While Donkey Kong is trying to escape, however, he trips, resulting in the carriage rolling along the mine cart tracks; Donkey and Diddy give chase. K. Rool then has Klump, Krusha, and several Kritters chase after them in mine carts. However, the various characters then begin flying around the main interior of the lair. Donkey Kong catches the carriage, but Baby Kong flies out of it when it collides with a mine cart nearby, and he lands in the carriage left behind, near King K. Rool. Donkey Kong tries to say something, but K. Rool interprets it and states that he has Baby Kong's best interests in mind. Donkey Kong then admits that babysitting isn't fun, and Baby Kong tosses Krusha away, causing King K. Rool to laugh. However, upon K. Rool admitting that he wants the baby to be as evil as him when the Kongs ask, Donkey and Diddy state that Baby Kong will never be "as slimy as [him]." K. Rool denies this, but Donkey states that only he is that low, and K. Rool's minions agree. While the Kongs continue the argument, K. Rool continues to deny until Baby Kong pelts him with bananas (which results in him eating one). He is annoyed by this, and wishes for the baby to be taken away. Baby Kong then leaps out of the carriage, hitting K. Rool's foot, and walks around until he leaps back into the carriage, resulting in it flying off down the mine cart tracks.

Klump and Krusha are sad to see that the baby has left, though K. Rool states that he isn't. However, as he is reflecting on his experience, he realizes that he too misses the baby. It is at this moment that he hears baby laughter, and runs over to the carriage, but is angered to see that it is really Klump, who states that he would be happy to take his memoirs if he needs someone to pass his legacy on to.

At Candy's house, Diddy states that Donkey Kong can finally admit to what happened, though DK does not want to worry the girls. Dixie and Candy then arrive. Candy asks if he had fun with Donkey and Diddy. He says, "Junior Croc," though Dixie and Candy do not understand this. The girls are pleased that they were able to babysit real well, and offers to have him babysit all the time, but DK then finally comes clean and admits everything that happened. However, they do not believe it, and are annoyed that he didn't simply say "no," then leave. DK then asks Diddy what he wants to do. Diddy states that he is going fishing, but that DK will be too busy owing him favors. Diddy then begins to list off everything he wants DK to do, while the ape himself wanders off, disappointed.


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