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Not to be confused with Baby Donkey Kong from the games Yoshi's Island DS and Mario Super Sluggers.
Baby Kong
Baby Kong as seen in the episode "Ape Foo Young" from the Donkey Kong Country animated series.
Full Name Baby Kong

Residence(s) Kongo Bongo Island
Family Donkey Kong (Uncle),
Diddy Kong (Brother or Cousin)
Cranky Kong (great grandfather)
Wrinkly Kong (great grandmother; deceased)
Donkey Kong Jr. (grandfather)
Donkey Kong Jr. II (Granduncle)
Species Kong
Sub-Species Gorilla
Gender Male
Age Infancy

First Appearance Ape Foo Young
Latest Appearance Baby Kong Blues
Voice Actor/Actress Bryn McAuley

Baby Kong is an exclusive character to the Donkey Kong Country animated series. He is voiced by Bryn McAuley.

His first appearance was on the episode "Ape Foo Young" as a baby form of Donkey Kong. In the episode, Donkey Kong accidentally drinks the leftover remains of Cranky Kong's youth serum and transforms him into a baby. Only Diddy Kong knew who the baby was and kept it a secret to everyone else, like even lying to Candy Kong that the baby is Donkey's nephew.

His second appearance was on the episode "Baby Kong Blues". In this episode, Baby Kong was not a baby form of Donkey Kong but instead a separate character. There is no mention of how Baby Kong is related to Donkey Kong in the episode.