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B Locker

B. Locker's sprite from Donkey Kong 64.

B. Locker is a minor character in Donkey Kong 64.


B. Locker is a wooden signpost with some attributes of a cash register. He has hexagonal eyes that are always narrowed, a rhombus-shaped nose, and thin golden arms that he often has crossed, ending in four-fingered hands with red-orange gloves. At the bottom of his main body is an opening with three numbered tabs on it, and a larger dark brown tab atop his head shows a pair of gold bananas. A small metal pole supports his body.


B. Locker is perpetually grumpy as he is always seen in his role as a grudging servant of King K. Rool; the first and only time he alludes to the Kremling King, he refers to him as a "fat old fool" whom he's obeying only because the alternative is "the big sawmill in the sky." He demonstrates impatience whenever he speaks.

Role in the Game[]

When Donkey Kong enters the antechamber of Jungle Japes, B. Locker impatiently gets his attention and explains that he can't let the Kongs pass through the level's portal without seeing a certain number of Golden Bananas; he does not collect them, merely requiring the Kongs to have them in their possession. Upon approaching him with the necessary number displayed on his lower body, he disappears, shrinking and spinning into nothingness, allowing the Kong to enter. This repeats on the next seven levels and he never otherwise appears nor does anyone mention him.


The Golden Bananas he will require for each level are as follows:


  • His name is a pun on "blocker."
  • There is a glitch where Lanky Kong can get past him by pressing B and not paying. This is most likely due to his long arms, and how the game is tricked that he is entering the world portal.
  • There is also a glitch in the Hideout Helm in which Tiny Kong can break collision detection without 100 Golden Bananas.