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ExitIsNearSign Aqueduct Assault ExitSign
World(s) Donkey Kong Island
Music Theme(s)

Bonus Room(s) 1

Enemies Encountered
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Aqueduct Assault is the third stage in Donkey Kong Island from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Corresponding to the Ruins world from Donkey Kong Country Returns, it takes place over the frozen ancient aqueducts. It is preceded by Seashore War and followed by Blurry Flurry.


The level starts out on the iced stone-built aqueduct in the jungle. Most platforms here collapse as the Kongs land on them, so the player should act quickly. However, some of the platforms spawn items such as a Puzzle Piece after they have slid down completely. At the very end, the statue of the original Donkey Kong sprite from the Donkey Kong arcade games that appeared in Wonky Waterway can be seen in the background, now holding a Wii U GamePad (with Donkey Kong Jr. inside of it) instead of a Wii Remote.



K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: It can be seen under the crumbling platform just after the first puzzle piece. Player can notice here that some items can be obtained by waiting till the platform collapses.
  • O: Located above Hootz.
  • N: Located very upper of the sliding platform. The player must use sliding ice block. The fifth puzzle piece can also be found here.
  • G: It is found on giant crumbling structure. The player must hurry here.

Puzzle Pieces[]

  • 1: Just before the K, there is a collapsing platform and it gives barrel cannon to the bonus room after the break down.
  • 2: After the O, there are eight rotating bananas. Puzzle piece comes out after grabbing all of them.
  • 3: Just after the second puzzle piece, there is a target and carry-able enemy.
  • 4: Before blasting into the backgrounder platforms after the checkpoint, there is a puzzle piece further than the cannon to the background.
  • 5: After grabbing N, yellow plant containing puzzle piece can be seen where ice block was previously.


Time Attack Medals[]


DKJr Wii U original arcade Donkey Kong statue Super Mario Country Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Jr.'s cameo in the background at the end of Aqueduct Assault, held by the statue of the classic DK as a memorial to him