Animal Buddies are different types of creatures that aid Donkey Kong and his friends on many of their adventures against the Kremling Krew and other villains. They are found in Animal Crates.

Animal buddies

Donkey Kong Country

  • Rambi the Rhinoceros's crate
  • Diddy Kong riding Rambi
  • Enguade the Swordfish's crate
  • An Enguarde token
  • Squawks the Parrot's crate
  • Squawks with a lantern
  • Ellie the Elephant's crate
  • Ellie the Elephant in Dixie's Photo Album


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest



Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!



Donkey Kong 64



Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Beta Animal Buddies

Cancelled Animal Buddies

  • Hooter the Owl
  • Miney the Mole

Possible Animal Buddies

Though these animals have never been confirmed as Animal Buddies they have nonetheless been helpful in their appearances.


  • On August 10, 2018 Gregg Mayles tweeted an early naming sheet of when Donkey Kong Country was originally going to be called Monkey Mayhem on it shows that Expresso could've been an emu instead an ostrich and two other animal buddies that are marked out, they were: Hooter the Owl and Miney the Mole.[1]
    • Not mentioned why the two animal buddies got dumped, but for Hooter it possibly to avoid copyright from the restaurant establishment called Hooters for their logo is an owl. Right beside the dumped animal buddy name reads this: "(Hope we can use this one!)".


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