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A Bridge Too Short is a Donkey Kong's minigame from the game Mario Party 7 for Nintendo GameCube. During the minigame, the player's character races running against Donkey Kong using pairs of bridges in order to traverse over some water courses.


The player races against Donkey Kong in order to reach the finish line. Both runners are presented with four pairs of bridges that lead up into the finish line. The characters have always to pick one of the two bridges to be able to cross. Each pair of them is composed by a regular bridge and a hidden broken one. If a character picks a bridge and its path suddenly brakes, they are forced to backtrack and use the other one, losing some time in the process. By the runners picking the right bridge, they can move on to the next pair. It goes on until a character reaches the finish line, winning the current session of the minigame. If Donkey Kong is able to reach the end first, the player loses the session.


  • Control Stick: Move


  • The name of the game is probably a pun on the title of the 1977 movie A Bridge Too Far[1].